Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Positivity :)

Hello Everybody!

        I was a little stuck about what I wanted to talk about for my first blog, that was until I was on Pinterest and came across this beautiful post  Being a first time mom I can totally relate to the negative connotation that comes with the phrase " just wait" Even before the thought of having a baby became a reality for me.

     When I was younger and thinking about my future, my career options were always changing, the one thought that stayed the same was " I am going to be a mommy." Some people are born with all sorts of gifts, My brother can try any sport (anything really) and be good at it. He is also the luckiest person I know :) Me? I was born to be a mom. I would always wonder how it feels like to be pregnant, how many kids  I wanted, and how I hoped I would be an amazing mom to my kids like my mom is to my brother and I. My dreams finally came true a year ago when I got my BFP ( Big Fat Positive) on my pregnancy test. After 9 months of not-really-trying -but-not-really-preventing ;) my eggo was preggo.

         As soon as I told everybody I was pregnant, the negative "just waits" came rolling in. "Just wait till nausea sets in," "Just wait till you get huge," "Just wait till you start waddling,""Just wait till you can't sleep," and blah blah blah blah. Really the list goes on. Don't get me wrong, there were a hand full of people that were super positive, but I would have really loved if everybody could have been like that. People couldn't just say congrats and smile, they had to put their two cents in. It was like their thought process was like HAPPINESS OVERLOAD...MUST BURST HAPPINESS BUBBLE... MUST SCARE THE BAJEEZUS OUT OF FIRST TIME MOM!  These negative people would talk about it all from pregnancy, labor, and everything after. So for you, the ftm ( I am here experiencing things with you!) , the newly pregnant woman (Congratulations!), and Ladies just about to give birth ( you are almost there!) here are some positive words for you :)

  *For the Newely Pregnant Ladies  

* Pregnancy is an amazing journey! This journey will at times test you, trust me when I say that the positives heavily outweigh the negatives!

* Just wait until you hear your babies heartbeat for the first time. 

*  Just wait until your first ultrasound when you see that little jellybean of a baby and when you think that is amazing, Just wait until your 18 week anatomy scan when you get to find out how your baby is progressing. The change in your babies growth is nothing short of amazing :)

* Just wait until you realize that that little flutter was not just a gas bubble, but full on flutter from your little one.

* Just wait until that flutter becomes a full on kick, punch, and roll. Yes, it will look like there is an alien inhabiting your body, but remember, that is YOUR alien :)

* Just wait until the first time a stranger  asks you how far along you are, trust me you will be beaming and smiling from ear to ear.

*For the ladies who are super close to giving birth

* Just like pregnancy, labor is a journey. Forget the horror stories you have heard. Every labor is different and not matter how you get there every birth is amazing.

* Do not listen to all the negative stories about labor, when you are in that situation you find a strength that you never knew you had. Stay calm and go with the flow :) trust me mother nature doesn't care about your birth plan lol she has one of her own ;) The goal in the end is the same for everyone... get that baby out safe and sound, no matter how it needs to be done.

*  Just wait until you see your baby for the first time, no words can describe that feeling in full. 

*Just wait until you can finally see whose features your little one has

* Just wait until can eat and drink water again ( at a certain point during labor you will only be able to have ice chips) trust me you will savor every sip and nibble lol

* Just wait until you are sitting looking at your baby and the thought pops in your head " I did it"

* Just wait until you give birth, once the baby is out the pain magically goes away and you feel like wonder woman :) 

*For the New Mommies!

* I have only been a mom for 4 months so these just waits are from my experiences so far :)

* Just wait until your baby is crying and something you do whether it be rock them or sing a song puts them to sleep. You will feel elated because it was something YOU did that soothed your baby.

* Just wait until your baby gives you their first gummy smile ( doesn't matter if it is due to gas, it still counts)

* Just wait until your baby coos, it will melt your heart.

* Just wait until your baby starts to grab for things and chew on things   :)

* Just wait until your baby laughs... it will make you want to laugh and cry at the same time.

* Just wait until your baby rolls over for the first time, it will make you cheer like you have won the lottery.

* Just wait until  you are looking through pictures of your baby and it hits you just how much they have grown and progressed :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Hello All! This is my first attempt at keeping and maintaining a blog. I am still getting everything situated, I will make a better post soon! Thanks for reading :D